Guillermo Coronado Aguilar

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My aim is to become a scholar focused on matters in, on, and about International Law. Got appointed as a Presidential PhD Scholar starting in Sept. 2021 before the University of Hong Kong, my thesis is focused on the Principle of Systemic Integration and the Intertemporal Rule applicable when there is Decisional Fragmentation in order to obtain a level of Harmonization in International Law.

“The job of a scholar is to ignore insignificant affairs, to write books, not emails, and not to give lectures dancing on a stage; that he has other things to do, like read in bed in the morning, write at a desk in front of a window, take long walks (slowly), drink spressos (mornings), chamomile tea (afternoons), Lebanese wine (evenings), and Muscat wines (after dinner), take more long walks (slowly), argue with friends and family members (but never in the mornings), and read (again) in bed before sleeping, not keep rewriting one’s books and ideas for the benefit of strangers and members of the local chapter of Networking International who haven’t read it.”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb